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September 4 - 5 , 2021
Punks v. Dorks

Mutual Aid Funding

RollyPolly Con does not have a unified charity fund-raiser. Instead, this Hall of Mutual Aid lists ways to directly support individuals in need of a little extra help from the community!

If you donate to anybody listed here during the course of our convention, and include a message about your RollyPolly Con team, Dorks or Punks, your team will earn a point! (Total donation amounts are kept private, and do not effect the amount of points earned.)

Donations are voluntary and do not garuntee rewards or favors from those you support. If you're looking for commissions and sales, please check out the Vendor's Area!

RollyPolly Con 2021 Mutual Aid Funds

Donate via
Ko-Fi or PayPal.Me

Hello!! I'm Lucheek (or Austin), and I'm the sole organizer and staff for RollyPolly Con!

I've had a tough year, going through multiple day-jobs and periods of unemployement... I could use a little extra funds. Thank you for your support- not just of myself, but of this convention!!