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September 4 - 5 , 2021
Punks v. Dorks

Mutual Aid Funding

Instead of a unified charity fund-raising drive, RollyPolly Con will be supporting mutual aid- through direct donations to individuals in need!

This Mutual Aid Page will list people who need support, a brief description from the person themselves, and ways and links you can donate to them directly. It'll be simmilliar to the "Promotional Vendors" page, but for strictly one-way donations.

Donating to a Mutual Aid fund and commenting with your con attendance and team, will also earn your team, either Punks or Dorks, points for the con-wide competition!

Post your Mutual Aid Fund

If you'd like to be listed as a Mutual Aid Fund, please contact Lucheek as soon as possible. The deadline for being listed as a Mutual Aid Fund is September 1st. You will need to link some kind of financial pool- such as a GoFundMe, CashApp, Venmo, or Paypal.me, ect... as well as give a short description of what you'd like support for (you don't need to be specific, just something to put a story or name to the links!)

This is free, and there are unlimited spots, but RollyPolly Con does ask you report donations (not amounts, just their existence) associated with RollyPolly Con so that we may reward points to teams!