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September 4 - 5 , 2021
Punks v. Dorks

Code of Conduct

Rollpolly Con is a convention for adults, so all attendees need to be at least 18 years old!

RollyPolly Con aims to be a welcoming, comfortable, and fun convention for all of our attendees and presenters. As such any form of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, fascism, or otherwise bigoted, exclusionist, or morally corrupt behavior or speech- including "ironic" examples and "jokes"- will not be tolerated. The "ban" option will be used swiftly, liberally, and absolutely, during the convention. If you're uncertain about the tastefulness of your comments, do not post it.

No bullying or general antagonistic behavior toward other attendees. Try to stay positive, supportive, friendly, and respectful. This includes members of the opposite team. If you are having a problem with another attendee, please contact Lucheek in private to discuss the issue. Do not make passive-aggressive, or openly aggressive, comments inside the convention.

Avoid commonly upsetting (or "triggering") topics, and mark such topics with warnings and Discord's "Spoiler Tag" feature if neccesary. If an attendee asks for a change of topic, please respect that wish without a fuss. Always listen to the direction of Lucheek, panelists and presenters, and any staff.

Do not spam or flood channels, chats, ect.

Failure to abide by the RollyPolly Con Code of Conduct will result in being banned from the convention server! Lucheek retains the right to deny access to RollyPolly Con to anybody.

Regular Membership

To attend RollyPolly Con, all you need to do is join the Discord Server during the convention's run! Attending as a regular member is free! You can upgrade to an Envelope Membership during the convention, as well!

Discord Server Link for Saturday!!

*This link will open the "Discord" application.

You will be asked to choose a team, and to agree to the Code of Conduct, and then wait 10 minutes, before you can enter the server. Note- this invite will grant a "temporary" memberhsip- meaning that if you navigate away from the server before you are assigned a role, you will be kicked and need to join again! These measures are to prevent spammers and interent trolls.

Envelope Membership

Envelope Memberships and Vendors are a new program for RollyPolly Con! Envelope Vendors will send artwork and designs directly to Lucheek, who will make those designs into 1" diameter pin-back buttons and/or 2.5" square stickers- right at her home. These buttons and stickers will be available to pick-out and be purchased by attendees who purchase Envelope Memberships. The price of the stickers and buttons is set by the vendor, and 100% of the proceeds will go to the vendor who designed them! Envelope Memberships also come with exclusive buttons and stickers designed by Lucheek, as well as a physical RollyPolly Con 2021 Badge. These exlusive buttons, stickers, badge, and any additional buttons or stickers purchased, will be sent directly from Lucheek to the attendee's address in a cute little envelope- hence the name. (Envelope Members on the winning team will also receive a bonus winner's sticker!) This program allows for people without the resources to create their own online stores, buttons, or stickers to still be a vendor- and keeps shipping costs low for attendees by shipping all together!


The $15 Envelope Membership includes the envelope itself, 3 exlcusive buttons + 2 stickers, badge, Winner's Sticker (for the winning team) and shipping up to $5 USD. Any additional stickers or buttons purchased from Envelope Vendors is extra, and these proceeds will be given to the vendors at the end of the con.

If shipping the envelope to you is more than $5, you will also be asked to cover that difference. If you purchase more stickers and buttons than can be fit into a single envelope, a second envelope will be added free-of-charge, but still only credited for $5 USD shipping for both envelopes. Envelope Memberships are available to any attendee, even those outside of the United States.You can approximate shipping from Houston, Texas to your home address through the United States Postal Service (USPS.) The envelopes will not be padded and will be shipped after the convention has ended.

Purchasing an Envelope Membership doesn't garuntee that you'll be allowed in the RollyPolly Con server (if you violate the Code of Conduct.)