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September 4 - 5 , 2021
Punks v. Dorks

The Visual Schedule for RollyPolly Con 2021!


Panels are hosted in the Discord Server, with a host (or multiple co-hosts) streaming their screen or webcam, and an active microphone. You can attend by watching and listening the stream, but attendees will not have the ability to speak (muted mic.) Panels will have dedicated Discord Channel for text-chatting among attendees, though!

Character Creation + Sitcoms
Hosted by Jen Pendragon
Saturday the 4th, 11am - 12pm CST

Binge watching television as writing research? It's easier than you think.

Writer Jen Pendragon shows how she dissects the pilot episode of long-running programs such as Cheers, The Office, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, How I Met Your Mother, and Northern Exposure to show how writers convey character without infodump exposition. Learn to make your own spreadsheet or journal spread to easily collect this info, and develop dynamic characters with compelling backstories.

Clip Studio Paint 101
Hosted by Cascadia Studio
Saturday the 4th, 1pm - 2pm CST

Learn the basics of the powerful and affordable "Clip Studio Paint" digital art, comics, and animation program with illustrator and streamer Cascadia Studios!

Publication 101
Hosted by Zarpaulus
Saturday the 4th, 3-4pm CST

Author Zarpaulus will talk about the experience of publication, and self-publishing, share tips and tricks, and the pros and cons of both routes!

Lunch-Bag Puppet Demo
Hosted by Lucheek
Saturday the 4th, 5-6pm CST

Lucheek will shows you how to make a deluxe paper puppet out of a lunchbag and digital art!! (There will be Bob Ross references.)

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Retrospective
Hosted by Birdie V
Saturday the 4th, 8-9pm CST

Take a look back at kawaii culture icon Kyary's musical career to celebrate ten years since the release of "PonPonPon" by looking back at her classic songs, and (for those so inclined,) join in for an impromptu dance-along!

Live2D Rigging Basics Demo
Hosted by Lucheek
Sunday the 5th, 10-11am CST

Lucheek will shows you how to start rigging in Live2D! (There will be Bob Ross references.)

Closing Ceremonies
Hosted by Lucheek
Sunday the 5th, 8-9am CST

Lucheek will wrap up RollyPollyCon 2021, talk about plans for the future, and of course... announce the winners of the Dorks v. Punks competition!


Streams are hosted outside of the Discord Server, on a streaming platform such as Twitch or Picarto.

Attendees are expected to follow the RollyPolly Con Code of Conduct in official streams, as well as any additional rules or guidelines put forth by the stream's host(s). If you break the rules, even outside the official RollyPolly Con Discord server, you could be removed from the Server.

Melancholy Empire TF2 Stream!!
Hosted by The Melancholy Empire
Sunday the 5th, 12-2pm CST

Two teams of experienced streamers from The Melancholy Empire will face-off in an Team Fortress 2 battle series in the name of Team Dorks versus Team Punks! Cheer on your team, and lead them to victory in this intense contest! The winning team earns points for the competition!

One stream will be hosted on Roxy's Twitch Channel, and one will be hosted on Raph's Twitch Channel!!


Contests will be hosted in the Discord Server, in dedicated text-based channels.

Team Trivia Contest
Hosted by Lucheek
Sunday the 5th, 3-4pm CST

Teams representing the Punks and Dorks will be given trivia questions, and earn points for correct answers. Questions will be directed to the entire trivia team, who can work together to decide an answer. The teams are given seperate questions, and there is no multiple choice or hints. The most correct answers win!!

Coloring Page Contest
Hosted by Lucheek
Deadline / Judging: Sunday the 5th, 6pm CST

Click here for the Coloring Page!

Atendees can color and add-to the page, "dressing up" the mascot. The submitted pages will be judged like a costume contest!! The winner's team will earn points!

The judging will take place at the end of the Costume / Cosplay Meet-Up!

Other Events

Other events and things to do at RollyPolly Con that do not fit the categories of "panels," "streams," or "contests!"

Hosted by Lucheek

DRAWPILE is an art soft-ware that lets you share a canvas with friends across the internet. RollyPolly Con will have an ongoing DrawPile room during the convnetion for us to doodle together!

Drawpile Connection info is found in the Discord Server!

Costume / Cosplay Meet-Up
Hosted by Lucheek
Sunday the 5th, 5-6pm CST

Get together in a group video-call to show off your costumes and cosplay with others!