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September 4 - 5 , 2021
Punks v. Dorks


"RollyPolly Con" is Lucheek's online "mini-convention," previously known as "Austin-Con". It is a virtual (online) pop-culture / comic convention-esque party for the friends and soon-to-be friends of Lucheek! The convention itself takes place mostly in a limited-time Discord Server, and will feature competitions and contests, linked partner livestreams, and video panels! This year, RollyPolly Con is also introducing the concepts of The Competition, Envelope Memberships and Vendors, and the Mutual Aid funds!


RollyPolly Con features a competition between two teams. Each team is made up of attendees, panelists, vendors,and streamers. When you attend the convention, either by pre-registering as an Envelope Attendee, Panelist, Streamer, or Vendor, or by joining the Discord Server when the convention begins, you will be required to join a team! (Basically, only Lucheek herself is team-neutral.) Your team membership will be noted as a Discord Role. This year's con-theme is "Arcade Heroes" and the teams are "Team Dorks" and "Team Punks."

Teams will earn points through-out the convention. Points can be earned by winning convention competitions and contests, in-stream game competitions, and donating to any Mutual Aid. More ways to earn points are to-be-announced!! Points will be scaled to be proportional to team membership ratios, once the convention begins.

At the very end of the convention, the winning team will be announced. Every member of the winning team will win a discount on Envelope Memberships for the next RollyPolly Con, and to be part of the decision process of deciding the theme of the next RollyPolly Con! If you're a part of the winning team and an Envelope Member, you'll also automatically recieve a special, exclusive bonus sticker for free!

Remember! This is a friendly and playful competition meant to inspire participating with our con, and should never be taken too seriously, aggressivly, or antagonistically. You must be curteous and respectful of both teams at all times, as per the Rules! Failure to do so might mean being removed from the convention, and loosing any winner's rewards.


Rolly-Pollyanna and Pill-Bugsy are both home-bodies who prefer a cozy night in a burrow to big convention halls. They know a good party is one where you feel comfortable, and thus, can really let loose. They're also best friends for life, but these isopods still love a friendly competition!

Rolly-Pollyanna is blue, uses she/her/hers pronouns, and is representing Team Dorks this year!! "Brains over Brawn, Mind over Matter!"

Pill-Bugsy is green, uses they/them/theirs pronouns, and is representing Team Punks this year!! "Too Cool for School, Rock 'n' Roll!!"