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September 4 - 5, 2021
Punks v. Dorks

Promotional Vendors

Promotional Vendors will be featured on the RollyPolly Con website, as well as having a channel in the Discord Server. The site feature will link to their pre-existing and seperate online store, and include preview images and descriptions of their products and/or services available. Fufillment of the products and/or services will be handled by the Vendor directly, and never RollyPolly Con. Basically, RollyPolly Con is promoting your work!

If you want to be a Promotional Vendor, all you need to do is contact Lucheek before September 1st, and be prepared to either link an online store-front, and/or a way you can be paid (if you're taking artistic, musical, crafting, ect... commissions or one-time services.) You'll also be asked to provide a description and images, if appplicable. There is no limit on Promotional Vendors and the opportunity is free (no commission or percentage fee either!)

Envelope Vendors

Envelope Memberships and Vendors are a new program for RollyPolly Con! Envelope Vendors will send artwork and designs directly to Lucheek, who will make those designs into 1" diameter pin-back buttons and/or 2.5" square stickers- right at her home. These buttons and stickers will be available to pick-out and be purchased by attendees who purchase Envelope Memberships. The price of the stickers and buttons is set by the vendor, and 100% of the proceeds will go to the vendor who designed them! Envelope Memberships also come with exclusive buttons and stickers designed by Lucheek, as well as a physical RollyPolly Con 2021 Badge. These exlusive buttons, stickers, badge, and any additional buttons or stickers purchased, will be sent directly from Lucheek to the attendee's address in a cute little envelope- hence the name. (Envelope Members on the winning team will also receive a bonus winner's sticker!) This program allows for people without the resources to create their own online stores, buttons, or stickers to still be a vendor- and keeps shipping costs low for attendees by shipping all together!

The deadline to become an Envelope Vendor is August 1st, and there can only be a maximum of 10 Envelope Vendors this year. Envelope Vendor's products will be listed temporarily in Lucheek's online store during RollyPolly Con, at a price designated by the Vendor. After the convention, Lucheek will total up the vendor's sales and send 100% of it to the Vendor through PayPal! There is no commission or fee on what you sell, but there is a price to become an Envelope Vendor (to cover the supplies and labor of creating the buttons/stickers, and shipping them!) It costs $25 USD to be a Envelope Vendor and you can design up to 24 Buttons and 12 Stickers!! Stickers and Buttons will be made-to-order for Envelope Members (plus one sample for photographs), so don't worry about running out of stock. Additionally, all Envelope Vendors are given an Envelope Membership, too! Unsold Samples will be sent to the Vendor inside their envelope.

If you'd like to apply to be an Envelope Vendor, contact Lucheek directly and have some samples of of your artwork or designs to show. Lucheek will send the button and sticker template. You don't have to have the final sticker/button artwork ready when you apply, but it will need to be finished and sent to Lucheek before August 1st. You can be both a Envelope Vendor and a Promotional Vendor, if you'd like!

8/10 Envelope Vendors Left Available!