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September 4 - 5, 2021
Punks v. Dorks

Types of Vendors

Envelope Vendors are offering stickers and buttons as part of the Envelope program- meaning they will be shipped inside the Envelope Membership's titular Envelope! The artwork was created by these vendors, and made into a button and/or sticker by Lucheek, and will be shipped/fufilled by Lucheek, too. Envelope Vendors have set their own price for their buttons and stickers, and all of the revenue made from these sales will go to them directly!

You need an Envelope Membership to purchase the products listed by Envelope Vendors! Envelope Memberships are available for $15 on Shopify!

Promotional Vendors offer various goods and services- such as writing commissions, tabletop games, artistic work, and more- and are being promoted by RollyPolly Con. Promotional Vendors are responsibile for their own products and service's fufillment, and RollyPolly Con does not handle any money associated with Promotional Vendors.

You do NOT need an Envelope Membership to purchase products listed by Promotional Vendors!

Envelope Vendors


Hi! I'm Kuutti. I am a 19 year old nonbinary artist from Finland who loves fantasy, animal art and clowns! I hope you enjoy browsing through my art. I hope you all have a grand time in the con!


Hi, I'm Allergekko! I'm a 22-year-old digital artist, animator and biology student from Finland. I've been drawing animals (both feral and anthro) for the past 12 years and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. My big dream is to start my own webcomic one day!

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Ford is an illustrator interested in natural science, as well as the paranormal and psychological. He has created a set of field guide inspired mushroom stickers for RollyPolly Con.

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Promotional Vendors


Full stories, pre-made characters, and settings for your tabletop needs! Keep your DM (or your players) guessing with strange and fun characters under the pretense of giving to charity!

All pieces commissioned during the span of RollyPolly Con go straight to the SPLC to stop hate.

The Southern Poverty Law Center
Screenshot a Donation to Redeem!
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Cranboggles is an illustrator, writer, storyteller, and notorious lover of monsters. They specialize in unique character design and have a passion for exploring the intersection of visual art and storytelling though comics and zines.

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I mainly draw illustrations in an original cartoon-inspired art style! I generally enjoy making humorous and charming content.

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Jen is a freelance writer, fanfiction author, and zine contributor/creator with a youtube channel about her writing life.

Her patreon offers resources including templates, spreadsheets, and how-to videos for writers of all experience levels. You can find her Beetlejuice and Stranger Things fanzines on her ko-fi page under commissions, which is also where you can commission a fanwork of your own.

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(any pronouns)

I'm a queer n trans American writer and game designer! I make weird and wonderful worlds that imagine brighter futures and I'd love to write for your project.

My games are silly and bright and contemplative and I hope you enjoy playing them.

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CascadiaStudio has a variety of stickers, buttons and a Cryptid pin set for sale.

They also have commissions open for indie comic coloring, illustrations and pet portraits - grab your slot before they fill up! Commissions Queue closes Nov 10th to guarantee queue completion for Holiday commissions.

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