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(Last Updated: 03-03-2021)
You can contact me anytime for a quote!

I make digital illustrations, comics, designs, finger-print art, Discord / Twitch emojis, printed paper-bag puppets, printed masks, animated Live2D/Facerig "V-Tuber" avatars, and more!

Commissions can be paid for through PayPal in USD, through invoice, or with the FUZZ Program below.
All pricing is based on custom quotes, but here are some general guide-lines for popular non-commerical commissions...
Emoji: $7
Flat-Color Portrait: $20
Flat-Color Full-Body: $40
Full-Color Full-Body: $55
Paper-Bag Hand-Puppet (Portrait) with GIF: $40
Printable Mask Design: $30
V-Tuber Avatar (Portrait): $90
Paper Doll (Full-Body): $45

"Portrait" means just the shoulders, neck, and head area is visible.
"Full-Body" means the entire body, from head to toe, is visible.
"Flat-Color" means colored, but no shading, shadows, or highlights.
"Full-Color" means color with shading, shadows, and highlights.
"Line-Art" means just the outlines of a picture.
"Non-Commerical" means the artwork will not be used for business purposes, just for personal satisfaction! I retain the rights to the artwork itself.

Please note that puppets and masks can not be mailed or shipped (they are too fragile!), but I will give you the high-resoluation files and instructions you would need to print and make a version for yourself.

I reserve the right to refuse commission requests for any reason.

If you want in-progress shots of your commission, please let me know ahead of time! This can be arranged, I just tend to forget if you don't specifically mention wanting some.


"Fuzz" is my own personal currency! I reward Fuzz to people on social media.

Fuzz is currently tracked by Twitter usernames.

1 Fuzz = 1 USD that can be redeemed for commission work from me.

@IrisHeartfang: 3 Fuzz
@DookingPlaza: 2 Fuzz
@JaxTracRat: 2 Fuzz
@TheMoonTonite: 2 Fuzz
@KV1NN4: 1 Fuzz
@ShadeVial: 1 Fuzz
@0Lanterns: 5 Fuzz
@Certified_Linko: 3 Fuzz
@Cmdr_Northstar: 1 Fuzz
@Queeratrocity: 1 Fuzz
@Bea_and_OCs: 5 Fuzz
@LiataisLibrary: 1 Fuzz
@CoolforNinjaCat: 1 Fuzz
@GoddessBlade231: 10 Fuzz
@Alder_Smoke: 1 Fuzz
@VexinglyYours: 1 Fuzz
@MisutaUrufu: 1 Fuzz
@Jebidieahh: 1 Fuzz
@MemphisIsnt: 1 Fuzz

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