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(Last Updated: 01-15-2021)
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I make digital illustrations, comics, designs, finger-print art, Discord / Twitch emojis, printed paper-bag puppets, printed masks, animated Live2D/Facerig "V-Tuber" avatars, and more!

Commissions can be paid for through PayPal in USD, through invoice, or with the FUZZ Program below.
$2+ Patrons on My Patreon get a $5 Discount on all commissions!!

All pricing is based on custom quotes, but here are some general guide-lines for popular non-commerical commissions...
Emoji: $7
Flat-Color Portrait: $15
Flat-Color Full-Body: $40
Full-Color Full-Body: $55
Paper-Bag Puppet (Portrait) with GIF: $40
Printable Mask Design: $30
V-Tuber Avatar (Portrait): $120

"Portrait" means just the shoulders, neck, and head area is visible.
"Full-Body" means the entire body, from head to toe, is visible.
"Flat-Color" means colored, but no shading, shadows, or highlights.
"Full-Color" means color with shading, shadows, and highlights.
"Line-Art" means just the outlines of a picture.
"Non-Commerical" means the artwork will not be used for business purposes, just for personal satisfaction! I retain the rights to the artwork itself.

Please note that puppets and masks can not be mailed or shipped (they are too fragile!), but I will give you the high-resoluation files and instructions you would need to print and make a version for yourself.

I reserve the right to refuse commission requests for any reason.

If you want in-progress shots of your commission, please let me know ahead of time! This can be arranged, I just tend to forget if you don't specifically mention wanting some.


"Fuzz" is my own personal currency! I reward Fuzz to people on social media.

Fuzz is currently tracked by Twitter usernames.

1 Fuzz = 1 USD that can be redeemed for commission work from me.

@IrisHeartfang: 3 Fuzz
@DookingPlaza: 1 Fuzz
@JaxTracRat: 1 Fuzz
@TheMoonTonite: 2 Fuzz
@KV1NN4: 1 Fuzz
@ShadeVial: 1 Fuzz
@0Lanterns: 5 Fuzz
@Certified_Linko: 3 Fuzz
@Cmdr_Northstar: 1 Fuzz
@Queeratrocity: 1 Fuzz
@Bea_and_OCs: 5 Fuzz
@LiataisLibrary: 1 Fuzz
@CoolforNinjaCat: 1 Fuzz
@GoddessBlade231: 10 Fuzz

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