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Critter Coven is a comic about real witches, who just happen to be animals. A cast of misfit magickal-enthusiasts find themselves together in a study club that soon turns into a "coven" that is a lot more than any of them bargained for. The comic pokes fun at the witchcraft and occult subcultures. (Off-Site)

Station: Starseed is a comic about Roswell, and her journey to discover where she comes from, where she belongs, and why so much of her life feels so out of her own control. The comic is a fantasy-adventure comic with a focus of themes of identity, trust, and the feeling of being lost. (Off-Site)

Whimsical Eris is a furry "magical girl" comic about Eris, the high-school age horse, and her adventures once she discovers and defends a magical realm known as Whimsy World.

Itty Bitty Kitty: Paw Above Fate is the first comic series of the Itty Bitty Kitty world.

Sticker-Tails Meta-Saga is an experimental multimedia story told mostly through fictional "kinnie" fan fiction of a 2010's reboot of a 1980's children's cartoon show.

Unicorn Rodeo is a fantasy wetern comic.

Your Deer Friend is an upcoming series of visual novels about magical and adorable deer! The project is written by Iris Heartfang, and drawn and programmed by myself! (Off-Site)

Toywitch is a line of merchandise and apparel for sale that mixes a retro, nostalgic "kidcore" aesthetic with occultism!

RollyPolly Con is an annual online mini pop-culture/comic convention for friends, and future friends, of Lucheek!

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